Hire an Immigration Lawyer Before Mexico Wall is Erected

Hire an Immigration Lawyer Before Mexico Wall is Erected

Many people assume that they don’t need to hire an immigration lawyer as they are safe. But this perception will change when you know that as per the data shared by the National Institute of Migration, about 50,000 Mexicans residing in the US have been deported under Trump’s administration.

Another bad news for Mexicans living in the US or planning to move to the US is that the Mexico border wall will soon be a reality. The U.S. border agency recently stated that it has picked a few finalists to design Mexico wall though it refused to share the identities of those who were selected.

The Plan

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection plans to notify the finalists within the next few days. Though it hasn’t been confirmed this time, earlier the department stated that it might hire up to 20 finalists for contracts that will be valued somewhere around USD 200,000 to USD 500,000.

The authorities also plan to select the winners by June 14, 2017, and ensure that the prototypes are built soon in San Diego, A short stretch of land situated close to the Otay Mesa border crossing with Mexico has been chosen. This location was selected because the land is owned by the federal government and the aim was also to compare the prototypes with the existing fencing located nearby that was breached about 800 times in just one year.

These prototypes are expected to be around 30 feet long and 18 to 30 feet high. They also need to be impenetrable to battery-operated tools and sledgehammers for an hour as well as aesthetically pleasing from the US side. No one should be able to scale the border wall without some help.

Meeting the Promises

It is vital to mention here that this wall was a key point in the presidential campaign of Trump and anti-immigrant forces considered it to be extremely important. Since the day he took over the oval office, Trump has been planning to make this promise a reality.

If you are one of those people who entered the US from Mexico then you need to contact an immigration lawyer in your locality now. For instance, if you live near Orange County, you should contact a trusted immigration lawyer like Mr. George W. Abbes who protects you in the current atmosphere and strives to ensure that you are never deported.

Immigration Lawyer in California

Categories of Immigrant Statuses and When You Need an Immigration Lawyer in California

In these changing times, every person thinks about hiring an immigration lawyer in California to represent him or her in cases of an ICE raid or to avoid deportation and removal. But before you go out and hire the best immigration lawyer in California, you should learn about a few basics regarding immigrant statuses as it will help you to seek a solution that’s made for you.

The key types of immigrant statuses are:

  1. Citizens
  2. Green Card Holders
  3. Others in the U.S. Legally
  4. Others in the U.S. Illegally

The first category includes people who were born in the US as they are automatically known as natural born citizens. There are cases where you might not be born in the US and still be a citizen.

The second category consists of green card holders who are allowed to stay in the country for an indefinite period of time. They are also known as Lawful Permanent Residents. If you lose a green card or it expires, you should apply for a replacement as soon as possible.

The third category includes people who are in the US legally like visa card holders, DACA-eligible members, refugees, etc. These people should prove their status if any questions are asked by ICE.

The final category includes people who are in the US illegally. These people should take necessary steps to be a US citizen and contact the best immigration lawyer in California. A lawyer would guide them on attaining citizenship without fearing deportation and removal. They must also seek advice confidentially in order to avoid letting the ICE know of their status.

What Should You Do When Police is at the Gate?

No matter what your legal immigrant status is, you should be cautious when the police are on your homes’ gate. If the police keep asking you questions, just ask them one question, Am I free to go, officer. It’s a reliable method of not answering any questions.

No? Now What!!

If the police person told you that you are not free to go, you should ask for a lawyer by saying that you want a lawyer now. It will be useful when it seems that the police no longer wants to talk to you but seems to detain or stop you.

When you say these words, an officer would need to stop asking questions until you have a lawyer by your side. You should never sign any papers without a lawyer there as it may be a method of stopping you to invoke your right to a lawyer. You should also stay silent for as long as possible as police would be trying to urge you to provide some evidence against yourself.

No Searches Please

The police cannot enter your residence and search it until they see or hear something illegal or hear something that they perceive to be the destruction of evidence. If they intend to search your house, you can ask for a warrant that is signed by a judge. You are free to verify the legitimacy of a warrant before letting the police search.

If, after reading this, you think you should contact an immigration lawyer in California, you should contact the law offices of George W. Abbes, a veteran with over 30 years of experience. He offers consultancy on matters pertaining to:

  • Deportation & removal defense
  • Citizenship
  • Immigration & criminal convictions
  • Family-based immigration
  • Deferred action
  • Criminal immigration consultations
  • Change of status
Best Immigration Lawyer in USA for Citizenship

Why Seek the Best Immigration Lawyer in USA for Citizenship?

As Trump Administration is being too strict on immigrants, there is an increasing need to find the best immigration lawyer in USA for citizenship. It will ensure that immigrants and common citizens get a proof of being a legal resident of the USA and aren’t bothered by the ICE raids. Here are the 3 important ways the best immigration lawyer in USA can help you:

No Green Card Problems

It is a fact that when any immigrant obtains a green card, it can be revoked for a number of violations. The green card holder usually finds about the violation when it’s too late and they become aware of their deportability only after they have submitted fingerprints for a replacement green card, removal of conditions or citizenship.  You can be deported swiftly after USCIS labels you as being in violation of immigration laws.

How You Get Help?

  • When you hire the best immigration lawyer in USA for citizenship, you will be interviewed in an extensive manner regarding your activities since you obtained a green card.
  • It will prevent you from putting your immigration status in danger due to immigration or criminal violations.
  • In case your situation makes the application process difficult, the best immigration lawyer in USA will prepare legal arguments or evidence needed to win your case.

Preparing the Citizenship Application

When you hire the best immigration lawyer in USA, he or she will help you in submitting the citizenship application in such a way that:

  • USCIS will not be able to find any faults or errors
  • USCIS will never misinterpret anything
  • USCIS will approve the application swiftly

Being There During the Interview

When you hire the best immigration lawyer in USA, he or she will accompany you during the interview. The advantages of taking your lawyer with you during this interview are:

  • You will be less nervous
  • The lawyer would assist in setting the right tone for a successful interview
  • The lawyer will address all the issues regarding physical presence, moral character or residency

So what are you waiting for? Hire Mr. Abbes, the best immigration lawyer in USA to get and protect your citizenship. He will also help you with:

  • Deportation & removal defense
  • Immigration & criminal convictions
  • Family-based immigration
  • Deferred action
  • Criminal immigration consultations
  • Change of status