Skilled Immigration Lawyer in Los Alamitos explains Do’s and Don’ts of Green Card Application Process

Obtaining a green card is vital for noncitizens who hope to become a lawful permanent resident in the US as it indicates that a person can live and work in the country. There are a few common mistakes people make when applying for a green card. A reputed immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared the do’s and don’ts of the green card application process that will make the journey smoother for any and all individuals.

Listen to the USCIS or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the first advice shared by Mr. Abbes. He said “Every person who is living in the US or hopes to live in the country should know that USCIS is the key authority on all citizenship matters. It has mentioned various instructions for submitting a green card application on its website. So, you should start by reading all the instructions and following them precisely. There will be several forms that must be filled when you file a green card application and one mistake can lead to rejection of the application which means that you can’t afford a mistake.”

Talking about the need to hire an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, Mr. Abbes said “If you have some legal background or you can understand the instructions mentioned by the USCIS precisely, then you may not need an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos. But when you have even a sliver of a doubt, you should hire a good attorney. A qualified attorney would not only help in filing the forms precisely, he or she will also help you to submit all additional documents that are needed along with the forms. Your lawyer would know that USCIS will usually not process applications if any of the documents are missing.”

Sharing that some people need an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos more than others, Mr. Abbes said that you need an attorney if you have a criminal record, you were deported, you have overstayed a visa, you were denied entry to the US or you entered the US illegally. You should also be honest with your lawyer and share details of misrepresentations made on a green card application or misrepresentations that were made regarding housing or employment.”

Explaining the don’ts of green card application, Mr. Abbes said “You should try to follow specific Don’ts of green card application to increase your chances of getting a green card. If you fail in either of these, the chances of green card application rejection would increase.”

Mr. Abbes suggested the following Don’ts:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for an interpreter if and when needed
  • Don’t fail to meet the photograph requirements
  • Don’t break the law or hide it if it was done in the past
  • Don’t leave the country for more than one year or don’t hide it was done in the past
  • Don’t lie to any immigration authority/officers during any communication
  • Don’t leave the forms or any sections of a form blank (add not applicable when needed) and share as much information as possible
Immigration LAwyer in Stanton

Hire Immigration Lawyer in Stanton for a Removal Proceeding

When you are about to face removal proceeding as a non-citizen, your best hope is to hire an immigration lawyer in Stanton. A skilled attorney will not only represent you but will also try to stop the removal proceedings by finding various legal methods. You should remember that the court will not appoint an attorney for you. So, a smart choice is to hire one yourself. After all, what use your money be if you are deported?

How Will the Lawyer Help?

A reliable immigration lawyer in Stanton will start by investigating and finding out whether the DHS charge against you is correct or not. If the charges are false, the attorney will argue the same. The charges can be false in situations where the crime you have committed doesn’t match any of the grounds of removability present in the immigration laws.

When the charges are proven to be correct, the attorney would then focus on finding whether any circumstances in your life would warrant defending the deportation and removal.

  • An immigration lawyer in Stanton may prove that you are actually a US citizen thanks to you having a U.S. citizen grandparent or parent.
  • An attorney may also prove that you qualify for asylum because you are afraid that if you returned to your home country, you would face persecution.
  • If you have already got a current priority date and available visa number as a preference relative or you are an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen, the attorney would ask the judge to grant you a green card.
  • In case you are an alien with a good moral character who has spent a number of years in the United States and you have close ties in the country, the immigration lawyer in Stanton will help you in presenting an application for cancellation of removal that may even help you to have a green card.
  • A good attorney will also ask for an exercise of prosecutorial discretion by arguing that as you have a good moral character and close ties to the country, DHS should close your case and focus on people who present a threat to the U.S. society.

Miscellaneous Activities

Apart from helping you to prevent deportation and removal by representing you in the best possible light, the immigration lawyer in Stanton will help you to correctly fill any forms, assist in preparing exhibits (documents that back up your statements), prepare you for a court hearing, draft legal briefs that argue your case and prepare the witnesses for a court hearing.

All this proves that you cannot afford not hiring an immigration lawyer in Stanton if DHS puts you up for deportation and removal as a skilled attorney like Mr. George W. Abbes will be able to protect you in a perfect manner.  

criminal immigration lawyer USA

Can Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Help with Drug Crimes?

Drug crimes are one of the most detestable crimes in the USA. If you have been involved in these, you need to hire a criminal immigration lawyer USA who can find the only way to save you or minimize your punishment.

Can Drug Crimes Be Considered As An Aggravated Felony?

Though it would be wise to ask a criminal immigration lawyer USA whether your case will be considered as an aggravated felony, you should know that there have been cases of drug trafficking that were considered as aggravated felony for immigration law purposes.

Are Drug Crimes Considered As Crimes Of Moral Turpitude?

Again, your criminal immigration lawyer USA will let you decide whether your case can be considered as CIMT or not. But you must know that convictions for drug trafficking or distribution have been termed as CIMTs in the past. If your drug crime involves possession or use, chances are high that they won’t be considered among crimes of moral turpitude. In many cases, if separate charges are added to a drug crime, it may constitute CIMTs.

How Can Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Help You?

A criminal immigration lawyer USA will have a close look at the exact language of the law that you have been convicted of violating. After that, he or she will study the facts recorded in the case to ensure complete analysis.

A criminal immigration lawyer would be able to help you to get safety from deportation and removal if and only if your crime was not too big. If you committed a single marijuana offense and the possession of drug was 30 grams or less for personal use then you are free from the fear of deportation.

Deportation and Drug Crimes

Any non-citizen who has been admitted to the US can be deported at any time if the person has been convicted of violating or even conspired/attempted to violate any law related to drugs (controlled substances). A non-citizen who is a drug abuser or addict can even be deported without a conviction on the basis of admission of drug use or evidence of a medical report.

So, it’s better to stay far away from controlled substances as a non-citizen as one mistake may completely shatter your American dream.


Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA

When Should You Hire Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA

Are you thinking of hiring a criminal immigration lawyer USA because you had a run in with the police or were accused of a crime? Do you think that hiring such a lawyer is not worth it because it’s too expensive? Well, here’s a bit of free advice for you that will help you to protect your rights and stay in the US for long.

The answer is yes for the first and no to the second question. You must hire a criminal immigration lawyer USA if you have any kind of criminal record or even a run in with the police for your own safety. You should not be among those immigrants who are not aware of what impact that criminal record could have on your chances of citizenship.

Coming to the second question, though we agree that the fee of a legal expert in criminal immigration would be slightly higher than the lawyer in your neighborhood but the money you spend would be worth it if the lawyer succeeds in protecting your rights and preventing your deportation and removal. Don’t you think?

You should also realize that there are some crimes for which you definitely need to hire criminal immigration lawyer USA because in these cases, you could face deportation for a criminal conviction even if you don’t serve any jail time or you end up pleading to a misdemeanor offense.

A few key examples of the criminal convictions which subject a noncitizen to deportation are:

  • Theft or fraud that led to loss of more than USD 10,000
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Drug offenses
  • Gun charges
  • Money laundering cases
  • Felony assault and battery
  • DUI that results in injury of another person
  • Crimes of domestic violence (including misdemeanor battery charges)

If you have been involved in either of these cases, you should contact criminal immigration lawyer USA, Mr. Abbes instantly as he has expertise in criminal and legal matters but doesn’t charge an arm or a leg!



Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Speaks on How to Avoid Deportation When You Have a Criminal Case

Leading Criminal Immigration Lawyer, USA, Mr. George W. Abbes has recently opened up about how a person can avoid deportation despite having a past smudged with a criminal record. These tips will help a person to stay in the USA and would ensure that even the immigration authorities don’t get to remove the person.

The first and most obvious tip is to hire a skilled lawyer. Speaking on this Mr. Abbes said “Your first step is to hire a criminal immigration lawyer USA who knows all the aspects of the immigration law and has some experience in dealing with criminal cases as well. This dual exposure would help the lawyer to devise brilliant solutions that will protect you without taking much of the precious time. It is quite obvious that you will look for quick solutions while the sword of deportation and removal is hanging over your head.”

The second tip shared by Mr. Abbes is quite useful. He said “After you have hired the lawyer, you can ask him or her to find offenses which are not CIMT’s or not crimes involving moral turpitude. If your lawyer succeeds in finding a closely related crime that doesn’t lead to deportation, then you won’t be deported. So, you should always seek a lawyer who digs in and finds the required information in the minimum amount of time.”

“A lawyer hired by you should also have the ability to leverage the minor legal differences to your benefit,” said Mr. Abbes. Explaining it further he stated “Sometimes the category in which a crime falls under differs, a misdemeanor under the federal criminal law could be a felony for the purposes of immigration. Hence, the lawyer should be able to tell you about the legal terminology differences and offer best efforts to set a criminal conviction aside along with ensuring that a federal court order is obtained to stop deportation.”

Highlighting another thing that may help immigrants with a criminal background, Mr. Abbes said “The criminal immigration lawyer USA you hire must also be ready to use well-honed negotiation skills to deal down the matter or lower the offense. It should be done in such a manner that a crime that is decided upon doesn’t lead to your deportation.”

Talking about the final thing that may help a client about to face deportation due to a criminal record, Mr. Abbes said “The lawyer you hire must also have his or her priorities set straight. The lawyer should first focus on the criminal aspect of the matter, deal it down and then seek ways to make you stay in the country. Never hire a lawyer who ignores the criminal record especially when opting for finding ways to help you stay in the country for long as such efforts would fail ultimately. Remember, ignoring problems is not a sign of a good lawyer, negotiating to reduce the punishment is a smarter choice.”  

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