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Immigration Lawyer in Los Alamitos Shares 10 Tips on How to Help Immigrants

Immigration has suddenly become one of the most talked about issues in the US thanks to President Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and the consistent news of arrests being made by the ICE officials. If you are bothered by the ill-treatment of the immigrants near you or among your social circle or even generally then read about the tips shared by immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos on how to help immigrants.

  • Provide Financial Assistance
  • Think you are too busy to actively get involved in preventing the ill-treatment of immigrants? You can still help by offering some funds to organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) the National Immigrant Law Center (NILC) as they provide timely assistance to refugees and immigrants.

  • Communicate with Elected Officials
  • If you want to voice your concerns regarding executive orders then the best way to go is to call or email the elected officials and share your opinion on immigrant issues. You can also strongly urge the elected officials to let immigrants and refugees with visas to stay in the USA.

  • Join the Airport Crowd
  • In case you want to actively do something to reduce ill-treatment of immigrants then you have the option of joining a crowd at the airport. This crowd usually resists detainment of refugees and welcomes immigrants to the USA. You can also participate in other local rallies to show support for immigrants.

  • Deliver Necessities to the Supporters
  • You can also help by providing necessities like food, water, etc. to people who are suffering like lawyers, families, and friends of detainees or even protestors who want to help immigrants to get released from ICE’s grip.

  • Offer Your Skills
  • In case you can’t offer necessities, time or money to the people facing hardships due to the immigration scenario, you can always offer your skills. If you are multilingual, you can act as a translator or can do research to secure an immigrants’ release if you are good with internet research. You can even do the menial tasks like recommending an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos.

  • Use the Power of Social Media
  • Instead of liking and commenting on posts from people in your social circle, you can use the power of social media to highlight immigrant issues, unjust laws & procedures or help immigrants know about their basic rights. You can also share important information like the toll-free number in New York for the refugee hotline – 1-888-769-7243.

  • Make Immigrants Feel Like Americans
  • If you want to gain the trust of the immigrants or people from other countries and prove to them that all Americans are not racists, you should learn about them, know them better, exchange cultural information and make them feel part of the community. Making immigrants feel a part of the American culture is the right path towards maintaining US reputation as an immigrant friendly country.

  • Open Doors
  • People who live near airports can open their doors to family, friends and immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos of the detainees so that they can keep an eye on the proceedings and thwart any unjust attempts for deportation and removal.

  • Participate in Individual Fundraisers
  • Got money to spare but want to ensure it reaches the right people, you can donate directly to individual GoFundMe campaigns and show some humanity by helping an immigrant student complete her education or helping a father of three to remain in the country.

  • Help Refugees
  • Another thing that can be done is to offer support to refugees. Supporting is not limited to starting refugee protection campaign, it also includes visiting the nearby refugee centers and volunteering there. Believe me, it will give you a lot of peace.

    Got any more ideas than the ones shared here by immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, Mr. Abbes? Share them with us and let people know of more creative ways of helping immigrants!


601 Waiver: Deportation and Removal Defense Lawyer in USA

Every deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA knows about the 601 waivers. It’s a useful tool that can help prevent your deportation in many scenarios. If you are an illegal immigrant who has been in the country for more than a year then you can be a legal resident after leaving the US and then serving a 10-year re-entry ban. If you claim extreme hardship from deportation or barred entry, you can apply for 601 waivers and avoid the banishment of 10 years.

The extreme hardship decision is based by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on the needs of your immediate family members. Before you opt for this waiver, you should remember that it’s not a 100 percent safe option as there is no guarantee that you will be able to get permanent legal residence. As there are not many options with a 100 percent surety, you might as well go for this option after discussing the details with your deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA.

What About Eligibility

The eligibility for this extreme hardship waiver is not clearly defined by a statute but the USCIS has categorized four levels of arguments that may qualify for a 601 waiver. Level 1 is the strongest while level 4 is the weakest. In most cases, people who succeed in proving Level 1 argument or prove many lower-level arguments are granted a waiver.

A few examples of each of the levels are mentioned below. To know more details of each level, you must contact your deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA.

Level 1– One of your family members has a major medical problem and cannot travel abroad safely which makes it necessary for you (alien) to remain in the US to take care of him or her. Your country is in a state of active war.

Level 2– One of your family member has a serious medical issue that makes the process of moving abroad very difficult and needs your (alien) help. Your country is on the verge of a huge political upheaval.  

Level 3– One of your relatives has a significant condition that is making it challenging for you (alien) to move out of the nation. Your country has an extremely poor economy.

Level 4– A relative won’t be able to pay debts by moving to another country. Your parents are aging and need you with them all the time.

If your deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA suggests that you go for one or more of these levels then you should file an Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility. You also need to pay the filing fee. A good deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA like Mr. Abbes will help you in the filing process to ensure that your chances of getting a waiver increase.  

deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA

Why You Need a Deportation and Removal Defense Lawyer in USA

If you think that you might be deported soon then you will need to hire a deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA. It’s as simple as that. Many people assume that they don’t need a lawyer as they would be deported anyway. You should not make the same mistake but hire a good attorney as it will give you many benefits. Some of the reasons for depending on a good immigration attorney are:

  1. Your Sympathetic Stories Won’t Work: It is a fact that many people believe that if they prove that they are a good person with a good moral character and they are doing enough to contribute to the US economy, the judge’s heart will melt and they would be able to stay in the country on the basis of mercy. Well, it won’t fly. You need to legally prove that you are a person with a good moral character and why can’t you be deported like you need asylum.
  2. You Don’t Know Enough Laws: Another reason for hiring a good deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA is that your legal knowledge is probably limited. A good attorney will keep up with the changing laws and regulations governing the immigrants and use the laws to defend you like by proving that you are eligible to stay in the nation because you need Protection under the Convention against Torture (CAT).
  3. You Don’t Have Much Time: Finally, you need to hire a qualified deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA because you don’t have much time. There are thousands of cases pending regarding removal & deportation so a judge would rather be in a hurry to move on with your case. If you don’t have legal representation, the judge may not even listen to your pleas and simply approve your deportation order. You wouldn’t want that, would you? So, you must hire deportation and removal defense lawyer in USA like MR George W. Abbes who can represent you in such a way that the judge decides to let you stay in the US.
Immigration Lawyer in Cypress

When to Look for Immigration Lawyer in Cypress Urgently

If you are a non-citizen who has not lived in the US for long or you think that US immigration law is complicated, you might need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress to represent you in every little thing, be it filling a citizenship form or preparing you for the citizenship interview. In contrast, if you are confident that you are updated on the US immigration law (and its changing face), then you might go through most of the processes on your own.

No matter which of these categories you belong to, you should remember that there are certain emergency situations in which you will need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently as a legal expert would be your best bet. Want to know what these emergency situations are? Take a hint from the following and be your own judge.

You need an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently if:

  • You don’t know whether you are eligible for a green card or not
  • You wish to avail immigration benefits but don’t know how
  • Your immigration or green card application was denied
  • You have overstayed your visa
  • You are convicted or charged with a crime (no matter whether you are guilty or innocent)
  • ICE agents are knocking at your door
  • You have been detained by ICE
  • Your employer is not assisting you to move to the US
  • You are about to be deported
  • You were deported earlier and you wish to enter the country again
  • Your visa or citizenship documents are lost or stolen
  • You wish to benefit from DACA but have no idea of your eligibility
  • Any of your loved ones are taken by ICE agents
  • You are a junior lawyer seeking help of an expert lawyer on a complicated case

Please note that these are only a few scenarios in which you will need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently. There can be many such situations in which you may need expert assistance. In such cases, please feel free to trust Mr. George W. Abbes, a skilled immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently with over 30 years of experience and an awesome level of dedication to helping all clients swiftly and effectively!!

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Immigration Lawyer in La Palma Shares 5 Reasons Why Low Skilled Immigrants Should Be Allowed in the US

Since the day Donald Trump won the elections, there have been feelings of hatred and anger towards the immigrants, especially low-skilled immigrants in the USA. A seasoned immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared an opinion on why this anger and hatred is worthless along with highlighting 5 reasons why low-skilled immigrants should not be banished but allowed in the US.

Highlighting the most obvious point first, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Most of the Americans should realize that they need low–skilled immigrants to take care of their household chores like house cleaning, landscaping, childcare, home repair, etc. If these immigrants are thrown away from the country, who will take care of menial chores to let you enjoy the life you are used to?”

Talking about the second reason, Mr. Abbes, the reputed immigration lawyer in La Palma said “Low-skilled immigrants are an asset for the country because they are quite mobile. They rarely have family ties or property investments. No attachments allow them to move across the country in search of the job easily. This is beneficial for companies that establish factories in remote locations as they can take the immigrants in any part of the country without paying them much.”


Sharing how a lack of low-skilled immigrants might destabilize the family life and finances of an average American, an immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “If the low-skilled workers are not there, who will handle the kids and maintain the home when men and women are too busy with their jobs. It is likely that women will be required to leave their jobs and take care of a household & handling kids which will not only change the family dynamic but will also make drastic changes to the family budget as it would change from a two people earning to a one person earning family.”


Some people believe that low-skilled immigrants are bad for the country because low-skilled immigrants impose a huge cost on the welfare state. Denying the same immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Many of low-skilled immigrants don’t even qualify for most of the means tests benefits for which the Native Americans qualify quite easily. Even a CATO working paper from 2013 stated that low-income non-citizen immigrants are usually unlikely to receive public benefits as compared to native born people. It proves that most of non-citizens are not a burden.”

Explaining the last and most crucial point, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Low-skilled immigrants are important for the economy as they create more jobs for Americans. They lessen the cost of a vital import in production, which is labor. It’s a fact that when labor costs go down, it allows more businesses to form. The more the numbers of these new businesses, the more jobs are created for everyone, including Native Americans. Americans also get better quality jobs if there are immigrants to handle the low-grade jobs. For instance, if there are two candidates (one Native American and one a low-skilled immigrant) for two jobs, one of an office receptionist and another of a security guard, the Native American would get the better job, i.e. receptionist because he/she has better English Speaking skills and the low-skilled immigrant would be hired to work as a security guard as no Native English skills are needed for that job.”

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