Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a GreenCriminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a Green Card and HowCard and How

Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a Green Card and How

Committing a crime will obviously make a person less preferred for a permanent resident status. criminal immigration lawyer USA, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared his thoughts on what crimes impact the chances of a green card. Reading it will help a person to take the right decision while thinking of applying for a green card.

Starting off with the most hated crimes, drug offenses and crimes involving moral turpitude, Mr. Abbes said “In most of the cases that are related to illegal drugs, you will become inadmissible. Similarly, if you are convicted of a crime that involved moral turpitude, you are likely to be inadmissible. Some crimes that are listed among this category are stealing, murder, domestic violence, fraud or severe violence.”  

Talking about the crimes listed by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Mr. Abbes said “Crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, terrorism, prostitution and money laundering will likely make you inadmissible.  If you have multiple convictions in which you spend 5 or more years behind the bars, then too you will be considered inadmissible. In most cases, your chances of a green card will lower if you commit aggravated felony like sexual abuse of a minor, rape and specific money laundering or murder.”

Sharing which factors influence the chances of a green card, criminal immigration lawyer USA, Mr. Abbes said “Your age when you committed the crime, the number of convictions you have, the maximum amount of time you might have spent in a jail, the name of the crime and the sentence you received influence your chances of a green card.”

Explaining a few exceptions that may help you to get a Green Card despite having a criminal record, Mr. Abbes said “If you have a conviction for a misdemeanor which is classified as a crime involving moral turpitude and the sentence you got was less than six months then your chances of getting a green card are high. Similarly, if you committed a crime when you were a minor, you are not in jail anymore and five years have passed since you committed the crime then you might be eligible for an exception. An exception called petty offense exception is also there for those of you who were involved in a crime in which the penalty was no longer than a year and the amount of time you actually spent in a jail was less than 6 months.”

Detailing the best way to get a green card even if you were convicted of a crime, Mr. Abbes said “If you were involved in a crime and you still want to increase your chances of a green card then you need to consult with a criminal immigration lawyer USA and share a court disposition slip with him or her as it will provide the lawyer with detailed information regarding your conviction and arrest. Be sure not to lie to your criminal immigration lawyer USA or the USCIS because the organization conducts a biometrics appointment for every green card applicant in which your fingerprints will be taken and sent to FBI. FBI will then dig up all your criminal data and share it with USCIS which will most likely deny a green card just because you lied.”


6 Months more for DACA

DACA Recipients Relax: You Still Have 6 Months

Since the day President Trump decided to end DACA, there has been a lot of panic among the DACA beneficiaries as they fear deportation and removal anytime. If you are also a DACA beneficiary then you need to remember that you have still got time. Even President Trump has tweeted that no action will be taken against DACA recipients till next since months end.

If you are a DACA beneficiary or were hoping to be one then here’s what you need to do

Get all the Papers Ready: Your first step should be to get all the papers ready. These papers should contain proof of the fact that you were a child when you entered the US and hence you deserve to stay here. Never create fake papers or documents as they may land you in a legal trouble that you can’t hope of resolving on your own.

  • Talk About It: Reports are coming in from various parts of the country that say scores of DACA recipients or hopefuls are facing a lot of psychological pressure and they are hesitant to talk about their fears. You shouldn’t mentally torture yourself like this. Instead, you should talk about the situation to a friend or better yet, an expert.
  • Seek Professional Advice: It is also a smart idea to contact an immigration lawyer in USA who can not only ensure that your current fears are removed but also suggests viable paths to stay in the USA. One of the options that can be explored is to ask a family member to petition you for a green card. If you are among the undocumented immigrants then you can explore options like provisional unlawful presence waiver as these options can be your paths to legal status.
  • Act on It: When you agree upon a certain route your immigration lawyer in USA has suggested then you should try to stick to all its requirements. For instance, if your chance to stay in the US can be threatened if you commit a crime then you would be smart to stay away from people with a criminal background as you might be wrongly considered a criminal just because you are hanging around with the wrong people. Other things you must never do are getting involved in violent protests or lying to the authorities or hiding information from your attorney.

While seeking the best immigration lawyer in USA for DACA worries, contact Mr. Abbes, a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience who will help you live your American dream!



The Trump administration, through Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA.

On Tuesday after a long weekend people of America received a big shock. As many people were still overcoming the natural disaster Hurricane Harvey, they came to know that President Trump has just decided to end DACA, an immigration program initiated by President Obama to help hundreds of thousands of undocumented people.

The Announcement

The announcement to scrap DACA, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. It was created by Obama administration when Congress failed to pass immigration reform. Right now, DACA protects 800,000 undocumented people who entered the US when they were just children.

Justifying the end of this crucial program, Trump said that it was ended because legislative branch writes laws rather than the executive branch. Though he stated that he doesn’t favor punishing children, most of whom are now adults but America must recognize that it is a nation of opportunity because it is a nation of laws.

Former President Barack Obama stated that the idea of targeting young people is erroneous as they have not done anything wrong.

What Next?

The ball is now in Congress’s court as trump has given six months to preserve the DACA program through legislation. As congress is busy in completing a large to-do list that includes averting a shutdown of the federal government and keeping the federal government from defaulting on its debt.

The lawmakers will also be busy with doling out aid to help regions that are devastated by Hurricane Harvey. It is expected that the first installment would be of USD 7.9 billion for rebuilding Texas and Louisiana. The vote on this will probably take place in the House on Wednesday and the Senate will soon follow after that.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that securing emergency funding is vital for Trump and preventing a default or government shutdown are also crucial for him. America also needs to prepare itself for Hurricane Irma that is coming soon. It will be the fourth Category 5 Hurricane that will impact the US. Florida is already in a state of emergency while anticipating this new natural disaster.

DACA in Two Lines: DACA program was implemented by Obama government to offer security from deportation and provide employment authorization to specific undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children.

Changes in DACA

  • From September 5, 2017, onwards, DHS will not accept any new applications for DACA relief
  • The applications submitted before this date will be counted as accepted and will be adjudicated on a case-by-case basis.
  • Renewal DACA applications received and accepted by October 5, 2017, will continue to be adjudicated. It includes beneficiaries with expiration dates between September 5, 2017, and March 8, 2018.

DHS will not approve any new applications for advance parole. All current requests for the same will be administratively closed and the fees will be refunded. Advance parole documents that are approved will be honored but DHS has the power to deny admission or terminate/revoke parole when it thinks it’s appropriate. You should contact an immigration lawyer in US for more clarifications on the upcoming changes.

DACA Stats You Must Know

Details of people who might be impacted by this move by President Trump are mentioned right here.

  • About 790,000 people who got work permits and deportation relief since it was enacted in 2012.
  • As per a Pew estimate shared in 2014, 1.1 million people were eligible for the benefits.
  • California has got the highest number of initial DACA applications at 223,000. It is followed by Texas at 121,000, New York at 42,000, Illinois at 42,000 and Florida at 33,000.
  • As per a 2016 survey, 95 percent of recipients are working or are in school. 54 percent of DACA recipients have recently bought their first car while 12 percent bought a home.
  • According to a 2016 survey, 21 percent of DACA recipients work in education and health services. DACA recipients were getting USD 13.96 per hour after going in for DACA while they were paid USD 9.83 before DACA.

Do You Need an Attorney?

Yes, you need an immigration lawyer in US if you are a DACA recipient or were hoping to be one in the near future. Hiring a DACA lawyer will provide the following benefits

  • The status of your application will be mapped and you will get an idea on whether DACA eligibility can protect your stay in the US or not.
  • The immigration lawyer will let you know about other methods of legalizing your stay.
  • An immigration lawyer will tell you about ways of avoiding deportation and removal by suggesting options like seeking asylum.

When seeking the best immigration lawyer in US, you should trust Mr. George W. Abbes as he has more than 30 years of experience in resolving immigration issues. He should also be your first choice because:

  • He keeps up to date with all immigration law changes
  • You will get the best and 100 percent legal advice from him
  • He will create a customized solution for your problem
  • You get to avail the first consultation for free
  • He can assist you with other options like a change of status, citizenship, deportation, etc.
  • You can get instant legal representation if you are arrested or questioned by the ICE
  • He will try his best to prevent your removal and deportation
  • You can also get representation in criminal cases because Mr. Abbes has dual expertise
  • He can also lend a hand with paperwork regarding change of status, citizenship, etc.
  • All the services offered are well worth the money you spend

Before you contact an immigration lawyer in USA, you should:

  • Be aware of your DACA status or DACA application status
  • Learn to be honest with a lawyer from day one as lies won’t do you any good
  • Accept that remaining in the US is a challenge that needs to be met with patience, relentless and a never say die attitude

If you are honest and deserve it, Mr. Abbes will try very hard to preserve your American Dream!