5 Reasons Why Hiring Immigration Lawyer in Cypress Will Become Necessary After Social Media Scrutiny Comes into Effect

The US Department of Homeland Security will start scrutinizing the search results and social media information by including it among the immigration records from October 18, 2017. This policy will have an impact on permanent residents, naturalized citizens and all individuals who are going through the immigration process.

The aim of this new policy is to streamline the immigration recordkeeping in order to allow DHS agency to consolidate all official records into one major record. According to this policy, the agency will have access to search results, social media handles, associated identifiable information and aliases.

If this change has put doubts in your mind regarding your entry or stay in the US then you will do better if you hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress.  Here are 5 reasons why taking this step is a good idea.


  • To know what to reveal


An immigration lawyer in Cypress will be able to guide you on what information do you need to reveal. It will ensure that you remain prepared for sharing your personal information and it doesn’t come as a shock. It will also ensure that you don’t accidentally hide any information from the authorities and make them suspect your intentions.


  • To know viability of electronic security tricks


There are many security tricks that will come in handy when your electronic devices are being scanned. One such trick is to lock the file manager of your device so that your pictures, videos and other stuff that’s not necessary to share can remain hidden. A good immigration lawyer in Cypress will guide you on whether using these tricks are a good option or it will irritate the officers.


  • To avoid detention, deportation and removal


It is a known fact that if the immigration officials suspect that you are hiding something, they have the power to detain you as well as carry out deportation and removal. Having the contact information of an immigration lawyer in Cypress will be handy in such situations as you will be able to contact your attorney to help you get out of the bad situation.


  • No fake accounts


Some people make the mistake of searching for ways to hide required information from the officials over the internet and trying them for real. One of such tricks is to create fake accounts and hide your real accounts on social media platforms. An immigration lawyer in Cypress will steer you away from such useless hacks because if you are caught, the consequences will be dire.


  • Peace of mind


Finally, hiring an immigration lawyer in Cypress would mean that you could be assured of following the everchanging immigration law and doing everything right. When you do everything right, your chances of entering or remaining in the US will increase. You can even ask the attorney to help you with other matters like filling appropriate forms correctly, submitting your documents, clearing an interview, etc.

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