AG Sessions on Denied Asylum Claims, Immigration Lawyer in Orange County

AG Sessions on Denied Asylum Claims, Immigration Lawyer in Orange County

A top-rated immigration lawyer in Orange County talks about the recent speech by the AG Sessions in the U.S. Immigration Court. A good amount of time was spent on the topic of claims denied for asylum in the country. It was asserted that the U.S. Immigration system was being overloaded by “fake” claims, a statement which wasn’t supported by any statistical or valid proof. The numbers cannot even be collected considering that the acceptance or rejection of a claim is mainly based on the applicant’s own account of what consequences are likely to occur. More than half of the candidates are rejected in the U.S. Immigration court but it does not necessarily mean their claims are fake. However, with the denial rates going up, one might believe the fake claim numbers to be on the rise.

Usually, many of these applicants are denied claims on the basis of many points.

  • Were a victim of widespread violence but cannot express the experience or connect it to some race or religion.
  • They spent too long in some other country while on their way to the U.S.
  • Mistakenly testified with minor or even a few discrepancies which usually leads the judge to find them “not credible” as an applicant.
  • Are a part of the group with violent blood history (part or guerrillas) which may lead to complete rejection for safety reasons or
  • They did not file an application before a year of arriving in the U.S. and are without any exception rule.

Most of these times, immigrant lawyers are said to be supporting and encouraging claims that have no basis for providing reasons and proper words of expression to be considered. However, a point to note is that when an applicant enters the country through the borders or the airport, it is solely on the basis of their reasons to immigrate or compelling case that the border officials even allow them to enter the country. Before this, there is no way a lawyer can be contacted by the applicant.

Another point to be noted is that the speech did mention that applying for asylum in the U.S. has no costs but rewards for meritless cases. Application for asylum does not require any cost, it is true. It is also true though that one cannot get anywhere without an immigration lawyer. With the immigration Court, Federal Circuit Court, immigration Board of Appeals etc. the applicant has to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees. This can definitely be avoided if a lawyer considers a case as a pro bono but that only happens if the case has enough stand and chance to definitely win at court. Realistically, such cases are rare.

An immigration lawyer does everything they can to ensure their clients get the outcome of their future they deserve. For this, it is essential to choose the right lawyer to advocate your case. George W. Abbes has been in the field of immigration law for 30 years now and has been able to provide justice for all his clients. In case of any consultation feel free to contact us anytime.

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