Immigration Lawyer in Cypress

When to Look for Immigration Lawyer in Cypress Urgently

If you are a non-citizen who has not lived in the US for long or you think that US immigration law is complicated, you might need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress to represent you in every little thing, be it filling a citizenship form or preparing you for the citizenship interview. In contrast, if you are confident that you are updated on the US immigration law (and its changing face), then you might go through most of the processes on your own.

No matter which of these categories you belong to, you should remember that there are certain emergency situations in which you will need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently as a legal expert would be your best bet. Want to know what these emergency situations are? Take a hint from the following and be your own judge.

You need an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently if:

  • You don’t know whether you are eligible for a green card or not
  • You wish to avail immigration benefits but don’t know how
  • Your immigration or green card application was denied
  • You have overstayed your visa
  • You are convicted or charged with a crime (no matter whether you are guilty or innocent)
  • ICE agents are knocking at your door
  • You have been detained by ICE
  • Your employer is not assisting you to move to the US
  • You are about to be deported
  • You were deported earlier and you wish to enter the country again
  • Your visa or citizenship documents are lost or stolen
  • You wish to benefit from DACA but have no idea of your eligibility
  • Any of your loved ones are taken by ICE agents
  • You are a junior lawyer seeking help of an expert lawyer on a complicated case

Please note that these are only a few scenarios in which you will need to hire an immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently. There can be many such situations in which you may need expert assistance. In such cases, please feel free to trust Mr. George W. Abbes, a skilled immigration lawyer in Cypress urgently with over 30 years of experience and an awesome level of dedication to helping all clients swiftly and effectively!!