California Immigrants Seeking Shelter Won’t be Deported: ICE

Northern California fires are making headlines these days and so are immigrants who are afraid to seek help because they fear deportation and removal. ICE has mentioned that it won’t target immigrants until the case is severe. Counties are also reassuring immigrants so that they can seek help from the government and not remain hidden while the calamity hits them.

The Fires

The fires have displaced thousands of people, claimed 31 lives and charred more than 200,000 acres of land. Officials are doing all they can to ensure that the residents remain safe by ensuring that they pack necessities ahead of time and abide by the mandatory evacuation orders.

A Unique Challenge

An extraordinary challenge faced by these officials is that many immigrants are refusing to seek help and leave their homes because they fear that immigration authorities would find them and start their deportation and removal process.

The Numbers

About 50,000 immigrants are living illegally in Sonoma and Napa County says the Public Policy Institute of California. Many of these people are agricultural laborers who help in harvesting grapes.

The Reassurance

Officials are reassuring those immigrants that they can avoid the fires and get rid of the fear of running into immigrant authorities. Sonoma County is stressing that evacuation shelters don’t need your immigrant status. So, if you are an immigrant, you must visit them while trying to avoid the fires.

ICE’s Assurance

The much-feared ICE- Immigration and Customs Enforcement has also stated that routine immigration operations are being suspended in scorched areas. The only individuals targeted in these areas are serious criminals who are a threat to public safety. ICE would also not visit shelters or food banks.

Closing the Language Gap

As many illegal immigrants don’t understand English, Spanish language advisories and alerts are helping people to understand that they can get help and not be afraid of any repercussions.

California and Federal Government

California and the federal government have a stressed relationship at the moment regarding immigration. State officials have made it a sanctuary state which makes it difficult for ICE to seek cooperation from local police officers and jails. It has also sued Trump administration regarding its immigration proposals.

The federal government retaliated by assigning more resources and conducting at large arrests that result in additional collateral arrests rather than just arrests at prisons and jails.

Seek the Best Advice

If you are an immigrant who needs protection from ICE and the fires then you can contact Mr. Abbes, a leading immigration lawyer in Fullerton who caters to clients from various parts of California and helps them to stay in the country. His specializations include deportation and removal defense, immigration & criminal convictions, family-based immigration, deferred action, criminal immigration consultations, citizenship and change of status.

Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a GreenCriminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a Green Card and HowCard and How

Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA Shares Which Crimes Impact the Chances of a Green Card and How

Committing a crime will obviously make a person less preferred for a permanent resident status. criminal immigration lawyer USA, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared his thoughts on what crimes impact the chances of a green card. Reading it will help a person to take the right decision while thinking of applying for a green card.

Starting off with the most hated crimes, drug offenses and crimes involving moral turpitude, Mr. Abbes said “In most of the cases that are related to illegal drugs, you will become inadmissible. Similarly, if you are convicted of a crime that involved moral turpitude, you are likely to be inadmissible. Some crimes that are listed among this category are stealing, murder, domestic violence, fraud or severe violence.”  

Talking about the crimes listed by the Immigration and Nationality Act, Mr. Abbes said “Crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking, terrorism, prostitution and money laundering will likely make you inadmissible.  If you have multiple convictions in which you spend 5 or more years behind the bars, then too you will be considered inadmissible. In most cases, your chances of a green card will lower if you commit aggravated felony like sexual abuse of a minor, rape and specific money laundering or murder.”

Sharing which factors influence the chances of a green card, criminal immigration lawyer USA, Mr. Abbes said “Your age when you committed the crime, the number of convictions you have, the maximum amount of time you might have spent in a jail, the name of the crime and the sentence you received influence your chances of a green card.”

Explaining a few exceptions that may help you to get a Green Card despite having a criminal record, Mr. Abbes said “If you have a conviction for a misdemeanor which is classified as a crime involving moral turpitude and the sentence you got was less than six months then your chances of getting a green card are high. Similarly, if you committed a crime when you were a minor, you are not in jail anymore and five years have passed since you committed the crime then you might be eligible for an exception. An exception called petty offense exception is also there for those of you who were involved in a crime in which the penalty was no longer than a year and the amount of time you actually spent in a jail was less than 6 months.”

Detailing the best way to get a green card even if you were convicted of a crime, Mr. Abbes said “If you were involved in a crime and you still want to increase your chances of a green card then you need to consult with a criminal immigration lawyer USA and share a court disposition slip with him or her as it will provide the lawyer with detailed information regarding your conviction and arrest. Be sure not to lie to your criminal immigration lawyer USA or the USCIS because the organization conducts a biometrics appointment for every green card applicant in which your fingerprints will be taken and sent to FBI. FBI will then dig up all your criminal data and share it with USCIS which will most likely deny a green card just because you lied.”


6 Months more for DACA

DACA Recipients Relax: You Still Have 6 Months

Since the day President Trump decided to end DACA, there has been a lot of panic among the DACA beneficiaries as they fear deportation and removal anytime. If you are also a DACA beneficiary then you need to remember that you have still got time. Even President Trump has tweeted that no action will be taken against DACA recipients till next since months end.

If you are a DACA beneficiary or were hoping to be one then here’s what you need to do

Get all the Papers Ready: Your first step should be to get all the papers ready. These papers should contain proof of the fact that you were a child when you entered the US and hence you deserve to stay here. Never create fake papers or documents as they may land you in a legal trouble that you can’t hope of resolving on your own.

  • Talk About It: Reports are coming in from various parts of the country that say scores of DACA recipients or hopefuls are facing a lot of psychological pressure and they are hesitant to talk about their fears. You shouldn’t mentally torture yourself like this. Instead, you should talk about the situation to a friend or better yet, an expert.
  • Seek Professional Advice: It is also a smart idea to contact an immigration lawyer in USA who can not only ensure that your current fears are removed but also suggests viable paths to stay in the USA. One of the options that can be explored is to ask a family member to petition you for a green card. If you are among the undocumented immigrants then you can explore options like provisional unlawful presence waiver as these options can be your paths to legal status.
  • Act on It: When you agree upon a certain route your immigration lawyer in USA has suggested then you should try to stick to all its requirements. For instance, if your chance to stay in the US can be threatened if you commit a crime then you would be smart to stay away from people with a criminal background as you might be wrongly considered a criminal just because you are hanging around with the wrong people. Other things you must never do are getting involved in violent protests or lying to the authorities or hiding information from your attorney.

While seeking the best immigration lawyer in USA for DACA worries, contact Mr. Abbes, a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience who will help you live your American dream!


immigration lawyer in La Palma

Immigration Lawyer in La Palma Shares 5 Reasons Why Low Skilled Immigrants Should Be Allowed in the US

Since the day Donald Trump won the elections, there have been feelings of hatred and anger towards the immigrants, especially low-skilled immigrants in the USA. A seasoned immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared an opinion on why this anger and hatred is worthless along with highlighting 5 reasons why low-skilled immigrants should not be banished but allowed in the US.

Highlighting the most obvious point first, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Most of the Americans should realize that they need low–skilled immigrants to take care of their household chores like house cleaning, landscaping, childcare, home repair, etc. If these immigrants are thrown away from the country, who will take care of menial chores to let you enjoy the life you are used to?”

Talking about the second reason, Mr. Abbes, the reputed immigration lawyer in La Palma said “Low-skilled immigrants are an asset for the country because they are quite mobile. They rarely have family ties or property investments. No attachments allow them to move across the country in search of the job easily. This is beneficial for companies that establish factories in remote locations as they can take the immigrants in any part of the country without paying them much.”


Sharing how a lack of low-skilled immigrants might destabilize the family life and finances of an average American, an immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “If the low-skilled workers are not there, who will handle the kids and maintain the home when men and women are too busy with their jobs. It is likely that women will be required to leave their jobs and take care of a household & handling kids which will not only change the family dynamic but will also make drastic changes to the family budget as it would change from a two people earning to a one person earning family.”


Some people believe that low-skilled immigrants are bad for the country because low-skilled immigrants impose a huge cost on the welfare state. Denying the same immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Many of low-skilled immigrants don’t even qualify for most of the means tests benefits for which the Native Americans qualify quite easily. Even a CATO working paper from 2013 stated that low-income non-citizen immigrants are usually unlikely to receive public benefits as compared to native born people. It proves that most of non-citizens are not a burden.”

Explaining the last and most crucial point, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Low-skilled immigrants are important for the economy as they create more jobs for Americans. They lessen the cost of a vital import in production, which is labor. It’s a fact that when labor costs go down, it allows more businesses to form. The more the numbers of these new businesses, the more jobs are created for everyone, including Native Americans. Americans also get better quality jobs if there are immigrants to handle the low-grade jobs. For instance, if there are two candidates (one Native American and one a low-skilled immigrant) for two jobs, one of an office receptionist and another of a security guard, the Native American would get the better job, i.e. receptionist because he/she has better English Speaking skills and the low-skilled immigrant would be hired to work as a security guard as no Native English skills are needed for that job.”


Lawyer for US Citizenship in USA Shares Major Issues that May Harm a Citizenship Application

It is a known fact that there are scores of citizenship cases pending with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). So, when a person gets a chance to get citizenship, one should take caution to not lose it due to petty reasons. Mr. George W. Abbes a reputed Lawyer for US Citizenship in USA recently shared four key issues that may harm a citizenship application. It would be a smart idea to learn about these issues and ensure that they are not present in a case before initiating the filing process for citizenship.

Talking about how money matters can complicate a citizenship application, Mr. Abbes said “As a citizenship applicant, you should realize that if you owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service, your citizenship will most probably be denied. If you do owe the money, you should ensure that you prove that you are trying to resolve the issue by taking steps like enrolling to the IRS payment plan before applying for citizenship. It would increase your chances of being a US citizen.”

Sharing a sensitive issue that may harm citizenship applications, the Lawyer for US Citizenship in USA, Mr. Abbes said “You should also remember to prove that you are financially supporting your minor children if they don’t live with you. If you are delinquent with child support payments, you can be denied citizenship. But in cases where you are not able to pay for child support, you should give a solid reason for why you are behind on the child support payments. If the reason is genuine and strong enough, you may still be allowed to go through the naturalization process.”

Elaborating a vital reason that can help to strengthen the citizenship bid, Mr. Abbes said “If you are a male green card holder between the ages of 18 to 25, you can boost your chances for citizenship by proving that you are willing to defend the US and its Constitution. A surefire way of doing that is to register with the Selective Service System, if you are required to do so and then provide the Selective Service Number along with your application for citizenship. Even if you have crossed the age of 25, you should submit the Selective Service System’s Request for Status Information Letter before submitting the statute information letter to the USCIS.

Explaining the last on the list and yet the most important thing that influences the chances for citizenship, the lawyer for US citizenship in USA, Mr. Abbes said “If you are an applicant for naturalization, you should be able to demonstrate that you have a good moral character. If you don’t have any criminal record, it will boost your chances and if you have had a criminal record and you came clear on it then too your chances would be fairly high. Two things that would hamper your forward progress are lying/ hiding information during naturalization process or being convicted of a serious crime like drug distribution, murder, terrorist acts, etc.”


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