Criminal Immigration Lawyer USA on Why Immigrants Duck Crime

It is a common misbelief that immigrants commit a crime. Criminal immigration lawyer, USA, Mr. Abbes believes that immigrants, no matter whether they are legal residents or illegal ones shy away from committing a crime because they are more afraid than one might guess. Have a look at five core reasons why immigrants avoid getting involved in a crime.

  1.  It May Highlights Them: Most immigrants avoid crime because it may bring them to the limelight and the authorities might realize that they are not legally living in the US.
  2.   It May Endangers Their Safety: Many immigrants also don’t feel safe in the country and are a part of a minority among a largely American community so they believe that if they are convicted of a crime, the white Americans might harm them.
  3.   It May Harm Their Loved Ones: According to criminal immigration lawyer, USA, Mr. Abbes immigrants also avoid crime because they know that their families might be targeted if they are involved in a crime, and they don’t expect their family members to go to the authorities if they are being harassed because they also don’t want the limelight.
  4.    It May Lead to Deportation and Removal: Most immigrants also shy away from crime because they know that in many criminal cases, the accused id directly deported by the ICE even without a hearing in the court. They don’t want to leave the prosperity the US has offered them.
  5.    It May Harm Their Blending Attempts: Criminal immigration lawyer, USA, Mr. Abbes also thinks that most immigrants like to be a part of the American community and you can see that by witnessing how many non-Americans are preparing for the Halloween feast right now. So, if they commit a crime, it would reduce their chances of being a part of the American community and harm their reputation.

If you are an immigrant who is accused or even convicted of a crime then you should hire a criminal immigration lawyer, USA, Mr. Abbes to ensure you don’t get thrown out of the US and your family remains safe.

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