Here’s a new list of things Trump needs to deter immigrants

President Trump is one of the few leaders of the recent times who have a tough stand on immigrants. It seems that he wants them to leave the US and is eager to take quick actions against them. After scraping off DACA program, his next move is to create a list of principles that will help in getting rid of immigrants.

Have a look at these principals right here:

  • Construction of a border mall with Mexico
  • Hiring 10,000 ICE officers and about a thousand lawyers
  • Recruiting 370 extra judges and 300 more federal prosecutors
  • Banning immigrants from bringing extended family members to the country
  • Penalizing sanctuary cities that have stood against efforts made by the Trump administration to crack down on illegal immigrants
  • Prevent illegal immigrants from getting jobs by having companies make use of an e-verify program

Apart from sharing this list via White House, President Trump also penned down a letter to Congress in which it was mentioned that some reforms need to be included as part of any legislation that addresses the status of DACA recipients.

Marc Short, the Legislative Director of Trump even said that these priorities were essential in order to migrate legal and economic consequences of a grant of status to the DACA recipients.

In essence, one can see that President Trump is doing all in his power to stop immigrants to enter the US. He is also doing it in style by asking Congress for permissions that would likely be approved as his party, the Republican party holds the majority at present.

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