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Immigration Lawyer in La Palma Shares 5 Reasons Why Low Skilled Immigrants Should Be Allowed in the US

Since the day Donald Trump won the elections, there have been feelings of hatred and anger towards the immigrants, especially low-skilled immigrants in the USA. A seasoned immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared an opinion on why this anger and hatred is worthless along with highlighting 5 reasons why low-skilled immigrants should not be banished but allowed in the US.

Highlighting the most obvious point first, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Most of the Americans should realize that they need low–skilled immigrants to take care of their household chores like house cleaning, landscaping, childcare, home repair, etc. If these immigrants are thrown away from the country, who will take care of menial chores to let you enjoy the life you are used to?”

Talking about the second reason, Mr. Abbes, the reputed immigration lawyer in La Palma said “Low-skilled immigrants are an asset for the country because they are quite mobile. They rarely have family ties or property investments. No attachments allow them to move across the country in search of the job easily. This is beneficial for companies that establish factories in remote locations as they can take the immigrants in any part of the country without paying them much.”


Sharing how a lack of low-skilled immigrants might destabilize the family life and finances of an average American, an immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “If the low-skilled workers are not there, who will handle the kids and maintain the home when men and women are too busy with their jobs. It is likely that women will be required to leave their jobs and take care of a household & handling kids which will not only change the family dynamic but will also make drastic changes to the family budget as it would change from a two people earning to a one person earning family.”


Some people believe that low-skilled immigrants are bad for the country because low-skilled immigrants impose a huge cost on the welfare state. Denying the same immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Many of low-skilled immigrants don’t even qualify for most of the means tests benefits for which the Native Americans qualify quite easily. Even a CATO working paper from 2013 stated that low-income non-citizen immigrants are usually unlikely to receive public benefits as compared to native born people. It proves that most of non-citizens are not a burden.”

Explaining the last and most crucial point, the immigration lawyer in La Palma, Mr. Abbes said “Low-skilled immigrants are important for the economy as they create more jobs for Americans. They lessen the cost of a vital import in production, which is labor. It’s a fact that when labor costs go down, it allows more businesses to form. The more the numbers of these new businesses, the more jobs are created for everyone, including Native Americans. Americans also get better quality jobs if there are immigrants to handle the low-grade jobs. For instance, if there are two candidates (one Native American and one a low-skilled immigrant) for two jobs, one of an office receptionist and another of a security guard, the Native American would get the better job, i.e. receptionist because he/she has better English Speaking skills and the low-skilled immigrant would be hired to work as a security guard as no Native English skills are needed for that job.”

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