Skilled Immigration Lawyer in Los Alamitos explains Do’s and Don’ts of Green Card Application Process

Obtaining a green card is vital for noncitizens who hope to become a lawful permanent resident in the US as it indicates that a person can live and work in the country. There are a few common mistakes people make when applying for a green card. A reputed immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, Mr. George W. Abbes recently shared the do’s and don’ts of the green card application process that will make the journey smoother for any and all individuals.

Listen to the USCIS or the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is the first advice shared by Mr. Abbes. He said “Every person who is living in the US or hopes to live in the country should know that USCIS is the key authority on all citizenship matters. It has mentioned various instructions for submitting a green card application on its website. So, you should start by reading all the instructions and following them precisely. There will be several forms that must be filled when you file a green card application and one mistake can lead to rejection of the application which means that you can’t afford a mistake.”

Talking about the need to hire an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, Mr. Abbes said “If you have some legal background or you can understand the instructions mentioned by the USCIS precisely, then you may not need an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos. But when you have even a sliver of a doubt, you should hire a good attorney. A qualified attorney would not only help in filing the forms precisely, he or she will also help you to submit all additional documents that are needed along with the forms. Your lawyer would know that USCIS will usually not process applications if any of the documents are missing.”

Sharing that some people need an immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos more than others, Mr. Abbes said that you need an attorney if you have a criminal record, you were deported, you have overstayed a visa, you were denied entry to the US or you entered the US illegally. You should also be honest with your lawyer and share details of misrepresentations made on a green card application or misrepresentations that were made regarding housing or employment.”

Explaining the don’ts of green card application, Mr. Abbes said “You should try to follow specific Don’ts of green card application to increase your chances of getting a green card. If you fail in either of these, the chances of green card application rejection would increase.”

Mr. Abbes suggested the following Don’ts:

  • Don’t hesitate to ask for an interpreter if and when needed
  • Don’t fail to meet the photograph requirements
  • Don’t break the law or hide it if it was done in the past
  • Don’t leave the country for more than one year or don’t hide it was done in the past
  • Don’t lie to any immigration authority/officers during any communication
  • Don’t leave the forms or any sections of a form blank (add not applicable when needed) and share as much information as possible

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