Criminal Immigration Consultations

Non-citizens or green card holders who are facing charges related to a serious crime need only expert representation that prevents them from deportation and removal. The law offices of George Abbes provide you with just that. As a Veteran Attorney, he provides top class Criminal Immigration Consultations to all his clients. He is one of the best Criminal Immigration Lawyer in USA.

The Expertise

His expertise ranges from preventing deportation to representing the clients, noncitizens, particularly in criminal proceedings. He can represent you in cases pertaining to aggravated felony that refers to different categories of offenses for which a person has to bear at least one year of incarceration. He can also represent you in crimes involving moral turpitude, better known as CIMT. In such cases, the criminal offense is morally reprehensible and intrinsically wrong.

A Big Concern

Though the deportation and removal of a non-citizen are a serious concern for every alien, another major concern is getting banned from ever becoming a lawful permanent resident. This has happened in numerous cases where a person is convicted of CIMT or aggravated felony.

The law offices of George Abbes will not only protect you from getting deported from the USA, he will also work very hard to ensure that the consequences of a conviction are minimized especially with respect to the immigration status of an alien. Only a few lawyers have a grasp of how closely related the criminal conviction and the immigration status of a person are. Thankfully, Mr. Abbes is one of them.

Helping Fellow Attorneys

Mr. Abbes is also generous enough to help other lawyers get assistance in helping their noncitizen clients who need great consultations with regard to a crime they committed and its impact on their status as a noncitizen. He is open to extending his knowledge to other lawyers so that they can protect the best interest of their clients in the courts. His unbiased advice is given in a timely manner to all the lawyers who need it.

What Can You Expect?

As a reputed Criminal Immigration Lawyer in USA, Mr. Abbes is open to doing anything within his power to get the best possible results for the clients. The results may range from defending an alien in a court or negotiating a favorable plea agreement. Mr. Abbes has represented scores of clients in innumerable criminal matters, in the state as well as federal courts.

Mr. Abbes has also got a rich experience of representing the clients before the Board of Immigration Appeals, Federal District Courts, and the Immigration Courts. With a deep understanding of the law, he will offer the highest level of advocacy to help the clients in fighting the deportation or criminal case.

Clients Come First

When you retain Mr. Abbes as your preferred criminal immigration lawyer Orange County, California, he will work tirelessly to help you get the results you want. Call him now on (714) 534-1400 for an instant consultation or representation and you will never be disappointed. Clients come first for Mr. Abbes so he is always on call when they need him.