Immigration lawyer for Change of Status in USA

People who are living in the United States with a non immigrant visa have the option of going for a change of status to a permanent resident and a green card holder as per the Immigration & Nationality Act. Find the Immigration lawyer  for Change of Status in USA, For that, you meet the required qualifications and fall within particular categories. The three categories that are eligible for a change of status visa are:

  • Employment-Based Immigration: You can apply for an adjustment of status if you have got the sponsorship of a US employer. You can also obtain the same by demonstrating that you wish to launch an entrepreneurial business in which you will invest a large amount of capital
  • Family Based Immigration: In case you have a close familial relationship with a Legal Permanent Resident or a US citizen, you can have a green card as per the Immigration & Nationality Act. It needs you to have the sponsorship of the family member.
  • Humanitarian Adjustment of Status: Green cards are also issued to people who qualify as per the wide variety of Humanitarian based programs.

How Can We Assist?

The law offices of Mr. George Abbes can help you to get a change of status from visitor visa to green card quite easily. We can guide you through the entire process and let you know about the documents you need to submit, the forms you need to fill along with training you on responses that need to be made in front of the authority figures.

For more than three decades, Mr. Abbes has helped people from various nations and nationalities to become green card holders. In cases where your request for change of status rejected in the past, we can help in rectifying the mistakes this time around. Our expert would find out the mistake you made earlier and ensure that it doesn’t happen twice.

In case you need representation and counseling on this matter, it can be arranged as well. You just need to contact us and have a comprehensive consultation first. During this session, you will be given multiple options with regard to your citizenship and you just have to pick the one you like. Before offering you any options, Mr. Abbes will thoroughly understand your case so that you are offered only viable options. We make sure that you become a green card holder lawfully and with confidence.

No one will ever question you on your presence in the US once you become a green card holder with our help and if someone does bother you, we are here to represent your rights. Dial (714) 534-1400 and initiate the process now!!