Immigration lawyer in Cypress

Mr. Abbes is the topmost Immigration attorney in Cypress, Orange County as he never considers his clients as “just another case”. Your individual needs are different and we totally understand that. You will get personalized service from day 1. Your case will be studied even before the first meeting if you care to fill the case evaluation form and Mr. Abbes will personally walk you through varied solutions. He will be sympathetic towards your plight and will suggest the most suitable as well as cost effective solutions. Whether you are seeking temporary relief or a permanent long term solution, you can trust our lawyers to provide you with it.

As the topmost immigration attorney in Cypress, Orange County, he believes that every immigrant is as valuable as an American citizen so you will get full support from him. He has a talented team of staff members as well who will make you comfortable as soon as you enter the office and state your purpose. None of the members who work for our firm are affiliated with ICE agents and we promise never to disclose your immigrant status to anyone. Your confidential data would always be secure with us and no one but you and Mr. Abbes will know about the progress of your case. We consider every case on a need to know basis which ensures the security of client data.

At the law offices of George W. Abbes, we not only help immigrants living in California to stay there legally for as long as they wish, we also assist people to come here to study or get their dream job. Once we take your case, we ensure that we do everything we can to achieve the end goal you desire. Just remember, to be honest about your citizenship status and your aim to love in America.

For immediate help, call The Law Offices of George W. Abbes at (714) 534-1400 today. We are conveniently located near Cypress, California.