Immigration lawyer in Fountain Valley

Whether you wish us to help you with one simple immigration issue like getting citizenship or you want our assistance in multiple issues like shielding you from conviction and reducing your sentence while protecting your immigration status, we can help. As a seasoned lawyer in Fountain Valley, California, Mr. Abbes can devise extraordinary solutions for you. He will make sure that you get a permanent solution to all your problems. With a keen eye for details, he can find mistakes made by the other lawyers and strengthen your case by correcting them. He can even find incredible ways to ensure that you are not removed from the country no matter how serious your crime is.

Mr. Abbes perfectly understands that sometimes a person is labeled as a criminal for no good reason so he will not judge you or your character. For him, you are a valued client even if the police have levied the charges of homicide on you. From the moment he takes up your case, he will try to find evidence and witnesses who can prove your innocence. If you have convicted a crime accidentally, he will plead down your sentence and ensure that you are given another chance. Just one mistake should not have the power of ruining your entire life and your American dream. Mr. Abbes understands that and that’s what makes him the best immigration lawyer in Fountain Valley, California, Mr. Abbes.

One thing that he expects from you as a client is that you be upfront about your citizenship status and share if you have committed a crime accidentally or otherwise. Lying would not help your case because if you are charged with having fake documents and or a misconduct, you did it and didn’t tell Mr. Abbes, the opposition lawyer would have a better hold on your case. When you are honest, Mr. Abbes will find a loophole that might help you to avoid prison or detention.

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