Immigration lawyer in Fullerton

When seeking an Immigration attorney in Fullerton, Orange County USA, you can easily trust the law offices of George W. Abbes. He is a skilled lawyer who keeps up with the changing trends in the immigration legalities and criminal laws. This helps him to create unimaginable and genius ways to protect the clients. We know that when an immigrant is involved in a crime, the whole community takes a stand against that person. In such a scenario, we will stand by you and protect you. You are as valuable to us as any US citizen because the citizenship doesn’t matter to us, you as an individual do.

If you live alone and have no real friends and family in the US then too we can help you. We consider every person, citizen or non-citizen living in the US as one of our own and will treat you thus. Mr. Abbes has more than 3 decades of successful career in which he has worked diligently to protect the innocent and the wrongly accused. He will help you too if you just meet him once. Though he is a very busy person, he will keep a close eye on your case and see to it that you get whatever you aim to achieve whether it’s relief from a criminal case or the right to live in the US with your head held high.

As a renowned an immigration attorney in Fullerton, Orange County USA, Mr. Abbes is proud of the fact that California is among the sanctuary states for immigrants because, for more than 30 years, his aim has been to help immigrants live peacefully too. Mr. Abbes is fluent in English and Spanish so if you are proficient in any of these languages, you can contact him.  His staff can even arrange for a translator if you are not proficient in either of these languages.

For immediate assistance, call The Law Offices of George W. Abbes at (714) 534-1400. We are conveniently located near Fullerton, California.