Immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos

When you are involved in a criminal case that’s threatening your right to stay in the US and deportation & removal proceedings are underway, Mr. Abbes is the only legal expert who can help you. He is the top immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, California due to his dedication, vast experience, thorough knowledge and his commitment to getting justice for a client. If you need his assistance in a criminal case, it’s always advised to contact him as soon as you are charged with a crime. The sooner you connect with him, the sooner you will avoid an arrest or deportation.

If any of your loved ones has been arrested by ICE or detained, you need to contact them before they make a statement that can be used against them. For that, you should contact Mr. Abbes, a top immigration lawyer in Los Alamitos, California who will find out where your loved ones are detained, help you to meet them or at least pay for a call so that the detainee can call you.  Be sure to stay in contact with Mr. Abbes until you meet the detainee yourself and try to be calm because if you get stressed the detainee will also most likely become very anxious.

Mr. Abbes believes in helping all on immigration related matters. This is the reason that every entity from a corporation to individual and families to institutions are his clients. When he takes on a case, he will ensure that the immigration issue is solved in a swift manner. He will also see to it that there is ample time to strengthen a case before a hearing so that you or the person who is in trouble is not under confident. The clients always come first and so are their legal and emotional needs.

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