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Best Immigration Lawyer in California, USA

The US law on immigration is going through a rapid change since last few years. If you are an immigrant or a non-citizen who is worried about your citizenship, you can trust Immigration attorney George W. Abbes to be there for you. Best Immigration Lawyer in California, USA

Apart from resolving citizenship matters, he also assists in obtaining citizenship and securing family visas. Mr. Abbes is also deft in providing representation in a variety of deferred action cases. Newly minted attorneys or junior attorneys who need the guidance of a seasoned attorney to help them win a case can also trust his expertise.  Mr. Abbes feels pride in sharing his vast knowledge and experience to help people. His expertise also extends to the cases regarding a criminal conviction that took place relation to a noncitizen’s immigration status.

Immigration Lawyer in California, USA

When you need the assistance of an expert immigration lawyer who pays attention to every single case and offers personalized solutions, you will be smart to trust Immigration attorney George W. Abbes. He believes in listening to the client’s problem (s) and devising feasible solutions. No matter whether you belong to Mexico or Afghanistan, he can help you to stay in the US with respect and self-confidence.

Mr. George W. Abbes couples aggressive immigration representation with personal care to ensure that you win the case without losing your self-confidence. He will always be there for you to listen to your worries and reassure you of a satisfactory result. Every case he represents involves taking on the responsibility for client satisfaction and desired case outcome.

We also render the assistance of state of the art technology to make communications easier. All the communication held between you and Mr. Abbes would be protected and deemed highly confidential. You can literally speak your heart to your preferred immigration lawyer and get rid of all the fears at anytime you want. Mr. Abbes can communicate in English & Spanish also. So if you need a lawyer with the Spanish language, Please contact us.

Let us help you once, and we assure you will never feel the need to consult another attorney again.

Our lines of communication are always open. Don’t worry about the time and simply contact us when you need us. You can contact us on (714) 534-1400 and we promise to get back to you as early as possible. If you are not sure what does an immigration lawyer do and how he can help you stay in the US without worrying about your citizenship then just give us a call.

At the Law Offices of George W. Abbes, our aim is to help hard working individuals gain the citizenship they deserve, help in reuniting families stuck in deferred action matters and render assistance in deferred action matters. We also excel at fighting deportation and removal proceedings that are the result of a criminal conviction. It allows you to stay in the country and prove your innocence in the court.

Lawyer for US Citizenship

Though Orange County is our primary base, we also render assistance to clients needing an immigration attorney in Orange CountyGarden Grove, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Cypress, Fountain Valley, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, La Palma, Los Alamitos, Newport Beach, Santa Ana, Stanton, Westminster.

Serving clients in Orange County and throughout the region, Immigration Attorney George Abbes offers representation in a broad range of immigration issues, including the following:

Deportation and removal are the normal courses of actions that are implemented when an alien is convicted of a crime. If you don’t want to give up your right to stay in the U.S. and you wish to rid of the crimes you are wrongfully accused of, you need to contact the law offices of George W. Abbes. Mr. Abbes would personally handle your case and give his valuable inputs to help you stay in the country. He will also prove your innocence by collecting relevant evidence if you choose him as a criminal lawyer to defend you.

Mr. Abbes can also help those people who admit that they have made a mistake and don’t wish for the issues pertaining to immigration & criminal convictions to impact their lives. He will help you to ensure that your immigrant status is not affected by the conviction and your sentence is as minimal as possible.

Even if you have been convicted, there are a variety of tactics he can use to ensure that your punishment is reduced. You don’t have to worry about using your rights as an immigrant because he will do that on your behalf. Contact us now if you or a loved one are charged or convicted of a crime. The sooner you contact us, the better we can serve you!!

Contact Orange County Criminal Immigration Consultation Attorney George W. Abbes at (714) 534-1400 for representation or expert consultation.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is one of the best favors President Obama did to the young immigrants who were brought to the country when they were at a tender age. If you were also brought to the U.S. before you turned 16, you can request for Deferred Action and stay in the country for a period of about two years while you find your footing.

No one will be able to deport you if you get the benefit of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Unfortunately, the process of obtaining an approval is complicated and it can be even more complex if you have a past criminal record.

To smoothen out this process, you don’t need to stress yourself. You just need to hire the services of a proficient lawyer, George W. Abbes who will ensure that you get the benefit of DACA by personally reviewing your documents and confirming that they are in the right order. He will also see to it that your criminal record doesn’t become a roadblock by devising relevant strategies. Once you contact him, you will never feel the need to worry about your immigrant status as he will make you aware of how can you protect your rights. .

Though the rules of naturalization and citizenship have been evolving constantly in the last few years, they may change drastically anytime soon under the new presidential leadership. If you are afraid that you might not get success in your bid for citizenship in the current environment then you need the assistance of the law offices of George W. Abbes. He will help you through the process calmly and will be on your side to answer any questions on your behalf.

As one of the requirements for citizenship include that you pass a few tests, he can guide you on that as well by providing you with rare and valuable resources. It will reduce your chances of a failure and you will most likely pass with flying colors. Mr. Abbes will constantly hold meetings with you and counsel you through the rigorous process so that you don’t feel too stressed about the entire process of becoming a naturalized citizen. The more confidence you have, the higher would be the chances of a success.

There are innumerable benefits that you can avail if you become a naturalized citizen and Mr. Abbes can guide on that too. It will help you to enjoy your newly earned rights in an appropriate manner.

The United States of America is such a great country that every person hopes to make it their home. If you aspire to be a citizen of the U.S., you need our help. The law offices of George W. Abbes can help you to opt for the change of status visa by guiding you in the right direction. We will first scan your bid for transforming your status and then proceed to contact the relevant authorities.

A person can request a status change for multiple reasons. It can be for employment, for family and for humanitarian reasons. We can help you succeed in changing the status no matter what your reason is. As an applicant, you should always remember that the process is quite complicated and requires thorough preparation. If you don’t do that, you may get the change of status rejected.

Mr. Abbes will not only help you to fill all the forms in the right manner, he can also offer to counsel before or after the status is changed. It will help you to know your rights and duties post the change and you will learn about the do’s and don’ts you need to follow. Contact him now and be a respected green card holder rather than just a visa holder.

People who are involved in CIMT or felony cases don’t always have a choice and we understand that. Sometimes you just make a mistake and sometimes you are wrongfully accused. No matter what your case is, you should not let it affect your immigration status. You must contact Mr. George W. Abbes to get best in class Criminal Immigration Consultations.

As a veteran criminal lawyer and an immigration expert, Mr. Abbes will not only ensure that you stay far away from deportation or removal processes, he will also represent your case in a Federal District Court, The Board of Immigration Appeals or an Immigration Court. He is a criminal immigration lawyer in USA who can help you prove your innocence along with ensuring that your immigration status is not impacted by the case at all. If you have made a mistake and you are seeking a plea bargain, he can get you that while ensuring that you get minimal punishment.

At the law offices of George W. Abbes, we understand that a client needs an immediate consult when he or she is involved in a criminal case. Hence, we prioritize your consults with the best lawyer so that you can discuss the case with him personally and find a way out. Mr. Abbes is just a call away!!

Contact Garden Grove Criminal Immigration Consultation Attorney George W. Abbes at (714) 534-1400 for representation or expert consultation.

Reuniting families via family based immigration is one of the key services rendered by a highly experienced immigration lawyer, George W. Abbes. He can help you to stay with your family members, be it your parents, siblings or your life partner. Once you contact us, he will work tirelessly to ensure that your case is presented as soon as possible and you get the permission to start living with your family at your U.S. residence.

As Mr. Abbes has got immense experience under his belt, he can guide you or your loved ones on filling all the forms and completing all the formalities swiftly. He will personally check all the forms and documents to ensure that there are no mistakes and the family based immigration processing time is minimal.

In case you had applied for a family visa USA in the past but your request was denied, Mr. Abbes can also help you. He will ensure that the mistake is rectified and you re-apply in an appropriate manner. The chances of success will simply rise because he will be there with you at every step of the way. He will never let you feel alone and confused. Rather he would guide you through every step to make things easier on you.

When you are about to be deported from the U.S., you can’t do with just hiring your neighborhood attorney, you need the expertise of a deportation defense attorney like Mr. George W. Abbes. He has helped scores of people to get protection from being deported so that they can protect their assets in the country and fight for their rights. It is very complicated to fight for your rights when you are not in the U.S. so Mr. Abbes will do everything he can to let you stay.

The reasons for your deportation may differ from a mistake you made such as violating any terms or being wrongfully involved in a criminal case. No matter what your situation is, the law offices of George W. Abbes will provide you with the best deportation and removal defense. You matter to us as a client no matter what your nationality is, so we’ll be there for you when you need us the most.

The course of action we take on your behalf can be anything from the cancellation or removal to acquiring waivers of deport ability. It largely depends on a case to case basis. No matter which option we help you choose, it will always be the best for you and will ensure your satisfaction.