Immigration lawyer in Huntington Beach

Immigrating to the United States of America can be a long, tedious and complicated process. Even if you misplace a single document or make a simple mistake, your path towards immigration or becoming a green card holder/citizen can be strewn with thorns. If you agree to these facts then you should contact Mr. Abbes. He is the most reliable Immigration lawyer in Huntington Beach, California who will save you and your family a lot of time, money and effort by ensuring that you get all the applications processed right for the first time. As a criminal lawyer, he can also represent you in criminal matters and ensure that a mistake doesn’t lead to your deportation.

If you have been living in the US for some time now and you intend to apply for citizenship, he will be there for you through the process, from filing documents to interview preparation and from accompanying you to the interview to set the right tone before the interview, he can manage it all. Even if your citizenship application is rejected, which happens rarely if you hire him, Mr. Abbes would dig out the reason and work with you again so that you can pass the test the next time. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially immigrants who wish to call America their home.

Mr. Abbes is also the best immigration lawyer in Huntington Beach, California because he can be there for you if you become a victim of an ICE raid, He can modify his schedule in such emergencies and eager to help you if you are detained. If you are about to be detained or are detained, just ask the officer about your right to call a lawyer and contact Mr. Abbes who will reach you as soon as possible to prevent your deportation and removal.

For additional answers to your immigration questions, call The Law Offices of George W. Abbes at (714) 534-1400 today. We are conveniently located near Huntington Beach, California.