Immigration lawyer in Santa Ana

Starting a new life in the United States of America has never been easy but it has become more complicated under the new leadership of the country. If you are afraid about your chances of living a peaceful life as an immigrant, you need the assistance of Mr. Abbes. He will not only put your fears to rest by helping you to stay legally in the country but he will also ensure that you get the respect you deserve.

Once you attain a green card or citizenship, he will also guide you on how to deal with the complications you might face after a change of status. He will warn you about the scams and dangers that are initiated to victimize or dupe new immigrants such as the adoption scam. He is known as the best Immigration Lawyer in Santa Ana, Orange County because he cares deeply for all the people he helps so he will intimate his clients about the scams and how to avoid it.

He will also be delighted to help the clients prepare for an ICE raid or any detention attempt by sharing a few tips that will be very useful if you are ever arrested. As a skilled lawyer in Santa Ana, Orange County, he also knows about the tactics needed to ensure that the innocent immigrants get the best legal representation so that their simple life of hard work is not disrupted. Mr. Abbes is a very practical person as well so you can discuss matters like family-based immigration, deferred action, etc. with him without worrying about the confidentiality. He not only aims to help the clients but their families and loved ones as well because he understands that a person is nothing but lonely if the person has no one who cares deeply.

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